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Social Media Is Helping Many Seniors To Find Their Loved Ones

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Feb 20, 2018 5:30:00 PM

Have you been bitten by the love bug and long to find 'one that got away'? Or maybe you have been thinking about family members, friends, or workmates, that you lost touch with. If so, social media is a great way to find your loved ones and reconnect. Here are some tips to help you do that.

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Is it Just Memory Loss or Dementia? Know When to Seek Help

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Feb 6, 2018 5:30:00 PM

We've all experienced it. In the middle of a conversation, a word we want to use escapes us. We walk into the kitchen, and wonder what we are looking for. We are estimating the total for our groceries, and suddenly cannot remember eight times six. Take a deep breath: that's the normal again process. As we age, we have years of knowledge, but that information may take longer to access. How, then, can we know the difference between normal memory loss and signs of dementia?  

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Tips To Help Seniors Navigate This Tax Season

Posted by Michael Watson on Jan 23, 2018 5:30:00 PM

Senior_taxes-LR.jpgWell it's that time again, tax season. For seniors and millions of others, it can bring a lot of stress, and maybe a little excitement if there's a refund expected. But whether you are expecting a refund or not, you need to prepare and file your taxes accurately. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

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What Are the Top 3 New Year's Resolutions for Seniors?

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Jan 9, 2018 5:30:00 PM

Women_thinking_pencil-LR.jpgAt the end of December, you bid a fond farewell to this year and begin to plan how much better the next year will be. Many times, you make a New Year's resolution. This is something that you want to accomplish or do to somehow make life better in the coming months. While caring for an aging parent or senior loved one, it's important to encourage them to make a resolution as well. It can be something simple and easily achievable, such as eating better or spending more time with friends. So you have to be wondering, what are the top three New Year's resolution for seniors? 

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Get Your Senior Off the Couch!

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Dec 26, 2017 5:30:00 PM

There are a lot of seniors who like their couch time. As long as it's being limited, there's nothing wrong with it. However, if you have a loved one who spends extended hours in front of the TV and on the couch, it's important to know the dangers.

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The Five Must-Have Senior-Friendly Kitchen Appliances

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Dec 12, 2017 5:30:00 PM

From gourmet cooks to the average home chef, everyone loves having the latest gadget in their kitchen. However, as we age, there are certain appliances and tools that can help make work easier and safer. The kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house, and if you're caring for a senior loved or aging parent, then you want to ensure they have all latest conveniences to keep them safe. Here's a look at the five must-have senior-friendly kitchen items. 

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Primary Care For Seniors: Benefits Of Seeing A Geriatrician

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Nov 28, 2017 5:30:00 PM

The aging process brings with it unique challenges and changing needs that require the right medical care. Because of that, many seniors are choosing to see geriatricians for their primary care. These are family physicians or internists who have received additional training in the specific needs of older ones. Here are some benefits of seeing a geriatrician.

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Senior Shopping: Black Friday VS. Cyber Monday

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Nov 7, 2017 5:30:00 PM

The holidays bring many things, time with family, delicious meals, and great sales! Over the years, the sales have become as much a tradition as the holidays themselves. Two in particular are major events for millions of people - Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you are looking to do some shopping, whether for the holiday or just to get discounts on a few items you need personally, here are some facts about each option, including why one is safer for seniors.

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Five Must-Have Senior Safety Products

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Oct 24, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Many products are available that can increase the safety of seniors in the home. Some of them are rather basic, while others use the latest technology. Here's a short list of five must-have safety products that every senior needs.

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Fabulous Cities To Enjoy The Senior Life, Without Income Tax!

Posted by Ruby Cemental on Oct 10, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Admittedly, every city has its strong points. However, since needs and wants might change a lot as we get older, there are some cities that are particularly well-suited for seniors. Here are a few that top the list in states with no income tax.

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