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5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Senior Before You Leave on Vacation

Posted by Ruby Cemental on May 23, 2017 5:30:00 PM

Adult-Daughter-discussing-LR.jpgGoing on vacation is a great time to kick back, relax, and let the cares of your everyday life slip away for a while. When you're the primary caregiver for a senior loved one, however, going on vacation can also be highly stressful! By asking these five key questions of your senior loved one before you go on vacation, you can be sure that the trip will be more pleasant for both of you.

1) What is your biggest concern while we're away? Many seniors become anxious at the idea of a break in routine or at the fact that they're being left alone. By addressing their concerns directly, you can provide more reassurance and make sure that you've taken care of anything they might need while you're gone.

2) Who is on hand for you to contact in the event of an emergency? Whether it's an old friend of theirs who is in a better position to provide care than they are or another family member--or perhaps even a friend of yours--it's important that your senior loved one know who they can contact if things go wrong while you're away.

3) Do you know how to contact me? This is a critical question, since you'll want to know immediately if there's a problem while you're on vacation. Make sure your loved one knows how to contact you: your cell phone, an email address, or the company you're using for your cruise, for example. 

4) Do you need a caregiver while I'm gone? If your loved one is struggling with the challenges they'll face while you're gone, providing an alternative caregiver may be the best way to smooth over those anxieties. A caregiver can also give you peace of mind, since you'll know that there is someone on hand to check on your loved one.

5) How will you be taking care of food while I'm gone? Make sure your loved one has a fully-stocked fridge and pantry, provide meal delivery services, or make sure someone is lined up to take them out to eat. By preparing meals ahead of time, you can rest assured that they'll be in a better position to take care of this basic need while you're on vacation.

Going on vacation shouldn't be more stressful than staying at home. As you are learning to deal with the changes that aging can bring, be patient with yourself, patient with your loved one, seek advice and answers to questions, and remember you are not in this alone. Contact a Caring Senior Service team member today!

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